Mastring delicious food for your taste buds * since 1997


2020 - 2022:
Covid: Violent Protests Struck PDX. Businesses were shut down. Most all employees (our customers) laid off. Downtown Portland became a ghost town (Very Empty). We accumulated debt and had to close. That’s why, thanks to these kind people, we have a new home (Beaverton, OR).

2008 - 2010:
There was a family fuide as you may call it. The parents were getting a divorce and the business decided to split into two different carts on the same location. We needed a name as the Father decided to keep India Chaat House for himself. Even though our family is from Punjab... there were attacks in Bombay (Mumbai). that year. To honor all the people that were murdered for hate crime, we Decided to pick the name Bombay Chaat House Now the Mother had Bombay Chaat House and next door India Chaat House belonged to the Father. The father sold his cart to someone else. The new owners were trouble. They used every tactic to try and get us to leave. They even used police tactics. It all backfired. They got caught in their own nest. Soon they sold it to someone who was a kind human. He felt cheated. He knews he couldn't survive next to us; as he use to be our customer many years. He had just moved back to Oregon. In a few moths we made him a offer he could not simply refuse. We bought India Chaat House. From here on out (India Chaat House) was doing business as (Bombay Chaat House). We removed the other cart and adopted both names

2006: New Restaruant was a success, but the owner sold the plaza that was being rented. The new owners decided not to renew the lease. We still had the food cart we thought. No big deal, we will find a new location.

1997 - 2005: We opened up India Chaat House in 1997 and there was no looking back. It was the talk of the town. We got a request that one should open somewhere by salem so all the people that had to drive could come more offten. In 2005 we now had a restaurant in Kizer, Oregon.



Parsa Singh
Our Inspration (Grandpa)

Jia Kaur
Daughter & Owner

Isha Kaur
Executive Chef & Owner

Raj Kaur
Secondary Chef

Avtar Kaur
Dreamer Mom

Harvey Singh
General Manager


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